Jose Luis Pardo is one of a handful of young artists born and raised outside the standard blues Meccas and who still has proven to be one of the best and most outstanding guitarists of the world scene.

He is a living proof that you dont need to be born in North America to understand and feel the blues and make it your own.

During the last five years, argentine guitar blues Singer, guitarist and composer, Jos Luis Pardo, has performed in the most important blues festivals of half of thw world, earning a well deserved reputation as one of the most important and attractive blues acts in the international blues circuit.

In April 2007, he played the Jacksonville Blues Festival in USA where, after his set, he was specially asked to sit in with the legendary Muddy Waters Band to close the Festival. He was the only non-american act of the festival.

In July 2007, he was the great revelation of Blues Cazorla, Spanish most important fest, and one of Europes finest.

In January 2008, he was the leader of the Southamerican Band, in the Festival de Blues de Santiago de Chile, the most important blues festival of South America,. Pardo was the only guitar player of all South America in this Festival.He would repeat in Cazorla the following year.

The talented 29 year old musician, has already toured Memphis, Chicago, New York, Florida, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Portugal, France, Colombia, Mexico and a long etc.

He has three cds and one Dvd pusblished and he is one of the privileged guitar players from South America endorsed by legendary guitar company, GIBSON.

Jose Luis Pardo was born in Buenos Aires, march 17, 1981.

Altough nobody in his family was a musician, he was always surrounded by music. First influences would be Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Europe.

As Pardo says: One night, I was about ten years old, I found myself playing imaginary guitar with a broomstick to a Brian Mays solo for about two hours, same solo. It was late at night but It was so intense that I had to wake my mother up. I knew that was it, that was what I wanted.
He started studying guitar the following day.

However, he would be a self taught musician as he quit guitar lessons one year later.
At the age of 16, he started playing in the pubs and blues clubs of his hometown. This was the beginning of a journey that would later take him to the best blues spots in the world.

Hes been part of many important blues bands in his country like 29 ways, 63rd Street Band, and the legendary Albert King Tribute Band. With this bands he recorded two cds (We play the blues for you and Live at FIdelius) and went on his first international Tour.

In 2001 he went with the Albert King Tribute Band to play the legendary Blues Citty Caffe in Memphis and other clubs around, booked by the Albert King Manager to commemorate the 10th anniversary of King passing away, making the front page of Memphis newspapers.

Many visits to the USA would follow. He has played in New York City, Chicago, Mississippi, Florida with people like Billy Branch, John Primer, Michael Powers, Super Chicken Johnson, Ray Killer Allison in places like Terra Blues, Roses Lounge, Checkerboard Lounge, the Blues Shack, Tobacco, Road, Titanic Brewery among many others.

In 2004 Jose Pardo started his most successful project Jose Luis Pardo and the Mojo Workers.

With this formation, he has recorded 3 cd's As the years go passing by (2004) and Thats Right! (2007) published by European blues label HOTSAK, the new Country & City Blues (2009) and one live DVD.

He would also start touring constantly USA, Europe and South America playing countless blues festivals sharing the stage with people like Jr. Watson, Kid Ramos, James Harman, Koko Taylor, Magic Slim, and many others.

During the last four years Jose has toured Spain, Portugal, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Chile and Argentina playing the best blues clubs and the following festivals:

  • Jacksonville Springing the Blues Fest (Florida/ USA)
  • Wine Race Fest (Memphis / USA)
  • Albert King Birthday Bash (Memphis/USA)
  • Ruta 61 (Mexico)
  • Cazorla International Blues Fest (Cazorla/Spain)
  • Lucena International Blues Fest (2006 and 2007 Lucena/ Spain)
  • Antequera Blues Fest (Antequera / Spain)
  • Puente Genil Blues Festival (Puente Genil/Spain)
  • Ourense International Blues Fest (Ourense/ Spain)
  • La Rioja Blues Fest (La Rioja / Spain)
  • Ciemjazz fest (Madrid / Spain)
  • Contrablues Festival (Madrid / Spain)
  • Blues no Carnaval (Sao Paulo / Brazil)
  • Festival Internacional de Blues de Sesq (Sao Carlos / Brazil)
  • Festival Internacional de Blues de San Isidro (San Isidro/Argentina)
  • Festival de Blues de Rosario (Rosario/Argentina)
  • Festival de Blues de la Matanza (Matanza/Argentina)
  • GB3 Festival (Mr Jones, Ramos Mejia / Argentina)
  • Backstage Blues Experience (Santiago de Chile / Chile)
  • Colombia Blues Festival

In November 2007, soon after coming back from his European tour, he released his new CD full house in La Cova Theater, went on tour to Santiago de Chile, played the Gb3 venue (festival featuring three of the most important players of the country), played with Michael Burks (Alligator Records Blues Star) and went on tour to Brazil.

In January 2008, he was the leader of the South American Blues band in the Backstage Blues Experience, in Chile. This is the most important blues festival in whole South America.

During 2008 he made a new tour around USA and presentations in France, Spain, Brazil, Mexico etc, repeating his experience at Cazorla Blues Festival again.

During may he recorded Country & City Blues, an exciting Blues encyclopedia, including Country Blues songs, Electric Blues, Gospel, Soul and Swing,

An amazing growth both in his playing and singing can bee noticed thorughout all the album.

The record saw the light in January 2009, and soon received outstanding critics from the blues press and was considered as the new guide to blues guitar.

After another European Tour that took Pardo to Germany for the first time, the argentine blues slinger made an exciting tour around South America, that included Bogota Blues Festival in Colombia, shows in Mexico City, in Lima,Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. All his tours are closely followed by the international blues press.

All his tours are closely followed by the international Blues press.

2010 is here and Jose spends most of his time between Buenos Aires and Madrid, where he teaches Blues Guitar to a lot of students, prepares and composes his new CD and tours constantly.

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